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All information on my website come without guarantee. Although I try to make the documents with greatest care and conscientiousness I cannot exclude mistakes. I do not bear responsibility for external links.

You are allowed to download the pages I have written but you must not use them for commercial distribution. The pictures which can be found on my pages have been produced by myself or come from public sources that have allowed the further use, for example, Wikimedia Commons or the Open Clipart Library. If you want to put the texts, pictures and other material I have created on your website you need to have my permission. The same applies to the use in printed documents or in audio or video material unless the use is expressly allowed by the German copyright law. An English translation of the German Copyright Act (Act on Copyright and Related Rights) can be found on the website I do not agree to embed material from my homepage in other homepages (no hotlinking).

My address:

Mr Jan von Bröckel
Zollinlandstraße 27
27576 Bremerhaven

E-Mail: mail(at) or jvbbrhv(at)

Pretty Good Privacy Public Key for GMX: 0x0578F474 ( You can get my public key here, too (.asc-data file, can be opened by the Windows editor).

On parts of my webpage I use offers of a third supplier to switch announcements when you visit my website. These enterprises possibly use information (this does not enclose your name, your address, e-mail address or telephone number) of your visits of these and other websites, so that announcements can be switched for products and services which you interest. If you like to know more about these methods or like to know which possibilities you have to avoid the use of these data by the enterprises, click here (in German).

When visitors come to my website, the web server collects some general technical information and saves them in a logfile. These general information include the IP address, the type of the browser, the operating system, the time of the visit or the websites which have been visited.

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Last update: 25 August 2015

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