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It is my wish to offer a wide variety of information but because it takes much more time to write than to read you will not find so many projects in English. Click on the links below to see what I composed. More subjects will come soon.

Law on foreigners in Germany System of parental leave in Germany
Business tax reform in Germany 2008 with later changes (PDF) Germany's phase-out of nuclear energy
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Germany Unemployment figures in Germany
2021 election in Germany
Statutory minimum wage in Germany from 2015
A few words about me: I was born in 1961 as a German citizen and I have a certificate in law. My home town is Bremerhaven in Germany near the North Sea. The future of our social security systems is one of my favourite themes but further on I am interested in various political and legal subjects as well.

If you have any questions, comments or proposals do not hesitate to contact me. Send your e-mail to: mail@janvonbroeckel.de. In order to have a secure communication, you can use PGP or Enigmail for your message to me. Send your e-mail to jvbbrhv@gmx.net. My public key is 0x0578F474 (0 stands for zero) and can be downloaded from wwwkeys.de.pgp.net or here.

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The picture from Berlin is based on the picture "Reichstag mit Wiese2.jpg" (author: Johann H. Addicks) and the photo from London on the picture "Houses.of.parliament.overall.arp.jpg" (author: Adrian Pingstone) from Wikimedia Commons. These photos are in the public domain.